Thursday, August 31, 2006

Water and Electricity

Yesterday it rained really hard out at the house, and the utility ditches filled up with quite a bit of water. Neither the propane or water pipe was layed, because the stuff floats! The propane guy called me today about it, and they're going to plan to come back on Tuesday - since Monday is a holiday - and try again. The weather forcast is for warm and sunny all weekend, so the ditches should be nice and dry by then.

The phone & cable don't float, so those will get layed in the ditch today or tomorrow, along with the electrical conduit. Mark says they'll just go ahead and get muddy - and they sure will, because when that clay gets wet it's a sticky soupy mess.

Indoors, the wiring continues. Here's Cary checking out the laundry room:
And here are the big spools of wire that they are pulling through to supply all the fixtures:

And here's where the fuse box is going to be. There's quite a waterfall of wires currently, it looks like some kind of art installation.

Everybody have a nice labor day weekend! I'll be back on tuesday with the next update.

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