Thursday, August 03, 2006

Porch Roof Framed

The porch, sunroom, entryway and mechanical roofs were trussed and framed yesterday. This really gives a sense of the final shape of the house. It looks a lot more balanced now with the wraparound porch defined visually. I just love it.

Here's the view from below, standing in front of the sunroom door.
Cary checks out the potential for roof access via the bedroom dormer.
Here's the view from the SW. That little flange of roof above the first floor on the south wall is designed to allow the midday sun to shine into the windows in the winter, but to shade them in the summer when the sun is at a higher angle. Same with the eaves cutting across the gable face above the bedroom window. If I (ok, it was mostly Gabe) did the math right, those eves will provide a us with passive solar heating when we need it, but keep us cool when we don't. The trees should take care of shading the western windows, the sun goes behind them at about 6:30 pm this time of year.
Today the plan is for the framers to finish up! That means installing the windows and sheeting all the lower storey roofs that were just framed, as well as some odds and ends like the north gable. If they pull all that off today, then tomorrow the roofers are supposed to start. I'm not sure how long that will take, but I bet it'll go pretty fast. Also next week the siding starts going up. The exterior is on track to be finished by the end of August - it's crazy how fast this part goes. I understand things slow down a bit when we get into the interior - there's a lot of "guts" that go into a house. :)


Tina Rieman said...

Wow Addie! I am so impressed. Aren't you having fun? What a beautiful home for you!

Mom said...

I love the pourch roof. It really blances the house and makes it feel like it's attached to the ground. The house is just beautiful. What a fantastic design. Makes me wish I could rebuild, wouldn't that be fun. :)

addie said...

Thanks, both of you! I am having so much fun, it's a lot of work but it's really rewarding to see it come together. :)

knitbot said...

Dear God.... I have the worst case of house envy ever. The whole thing is looking so good I could bite my toes.

knitbot said...

Dear god....I have such a case of house envy. The whole thing is so fantastic I could bite my toes.

knitbot said...

I thought it ate my comment so I posted twice. OOps.

addie said...

You're more flexible than I am if you can bite your own toes! :)

I really really appreciate your house envy though. It's absolutely the best kind of compliment. :)