Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tubing Today

They're laying in the radiant tubing for the upper floor today! The lightweight concrete is scheduled to be poured on Friday, and then I expect it will need a day or so to set up over the weekend and then be ready for further work to procede by Monday. Exciting stuff - I'll get some pictures tonight for posting tomorrow.

In the meantime, Mark & Barron Heating are still working on the adjustments necessary to fit the wood stove into the space required. Robin's scheduling a site visit with the electricians for next week, so we can go over the positioning of all the fixtures, switches, outlets, phone jacks, and myriad other wiring things with them. And I'm thinking it might be worth it to get a wire brush attachement for Cary's electric drill, because otherwise its going to take me a month (or more) to brush all the rust off the bottom of the clawfoot tub by hand. :)

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