Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Roof Trussed

The roof trusses on the second floor are all in place! The porch, sunroom and mechanical room trusses haven't been put up yet, so the house looks extra tall and kind of skinny. The visual proportions of the final house will really show once those are done.
The gables have been sheeted on the east and west ends of the house. I expect they'll do some more sheeting today as well.

Here's the interior of one of the bedroom gables, you can see the trussing and framing that goes into each one.

Also, you can see the outline of the fancy window in the north/front bedroom now that they've framed and sheeted the space for it.

L-R: Cary, his brother Eric, Eric's partner Miriam, and Brian Bird, potter, tenant & friend. Eric and Miriam just returned (literally, they flew in yesterday morning) to the US after several years of teaching english in Japan. It was great to see them!

This afternoon I have an appointment to meet Robin at the plumbing supply store. I'm looking forward to picking out sinks, faucets and other fixtures. :)

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