Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Miscellaneous Monday

First, here's a picture of the finished roof, doesn't it just look marvelous? The roof vents and flashing and everything are all done. Bring on the rain!
The siding didn't get started yet, but they finished up some odds and ends on the framing and removed the last bits of bracing from the interior walls. Mark called earlier today and he's got the plumber out at the site, they needed to know where I wanted the outdoor hose faucets roughed in. I asked for three: one on the NE corner of the sunroom, one on the west wall near the front door, and one in the middle of the south wall. I should be able to get a hose to just about anywhere I need one - in the area around the house at least - from those three points.

Cary and I dipped a bunch more shingles last night, we're now a bit over 2/3rds done. Whew! I have to pick up some more stain, we're essentially out. Robin's already called it in, so I just have to stop by the paint store and pick it up. I'm hoping to get through the rest of them this week and weekend, so they can start going up on the house next week.

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Dad and Mom said...

We love it. It looks great. !!!!