Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cabinet Update

I just finalized the cabinet order with Robin. Turns out that the plastic laminate cabinets we were considering putting in the laundry room - because we thought they'd be cheaper than maple - cost the same amount. Hmmm, so wood vs. plastic - that's an easy choice! Back to the wood, and back to being $200 over budget. Or are we... ?

The good news is that we hadn't taken into acount that we were underbudget on knobs and handles! So when everything is totalled up, cabinets PLUS knobs is only about $100 over the total budget for both. And that can come out of the extra left in the lighting budget, with some more left over. So, we get all the cabinets we wanted*, even the cool black finish on the island, and we're still within the total budget. Yay!

*Well, everything except the wine rack. They don't make them small enough for the little space we wanted to tuck it in. But I think we can handle keeping the wine in the pantry. :)

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