Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Upstairs Radiant & T-stat wiring

Yesterday Barron heating installed and connected the manifold for the upstairs radiant heat. Well, connected it to the downstairs one, at least. The tubes haven't yet been layed out on the floor yet, but if you notice in this picture, all the walls have a double bottom sill. That's because we're going to pour a 1 1/2 inch layer of lightweight concrete over the tubes, once they're installed (today, hopefully). Even the toilet connector thing is raised up in anticipation of the pour. The concrete is to give the radiant enough thermal mass to really work efficiently. It's not as good to just run hot water under plywood and carpet, the heat would disapate too quickly.

They also strung the wires for the thermostats. They aren't conected to anything yet, but it's still our very first wiring, so that's pretty cool. There will be a thermostat in the main living area, the office, and each of the bedrooms.

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