Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This weekend we got a chance to use Ross's sandblasting chamber to clean the rust off the clawfeet for the tub. It was amazing. In about an hour, they went from this:

To this:
Thanks are due to Ross, for letting us use his nifty machine, and to Cary for actually running the noisy bugger while I sat and chatted with Ross and Keron over a beer in the garden. :)

Electrical wiring continues at the house, but it turns out to be a really boring thing to take pictures of, even by my house-obsessed standards. Once they get the fuse box and all the switchplates and fixture backs in, I promise I'll put up some pictures.

More window framing went up yesterday, and should continue today. Utility connection lines for the cable, phone and propane are scheduled to go into the ditch today.


Patricia W said...

The details that came out are incredible. Now I wonder what's under my two pairs of rusted clawfeet.

Greg said...

Boy, great results! Was this a professial chamber, or something common folk might own?

addie said...

Well, Ross is a bit of a tool connoisseur, and has a better equiped home shop than a lot of folks. I did a quick search on the web though, and although I don't know the exact brand it wasn't unlike this one. Basically it was a sealed cabinet with a plexiglass lid/window and two built-in arm-glove things so you can reach in and manipulate the items while blasting sand at them from a nozzle. It ran off an air compressor.

mindy said...

Wow, that's really cool. Better keep that friend with the swanky tools, he's handy to have around ;) We visited Vintage Tub and Bath's warehouse in Pennsylvania, and they had a shelf full of salvaged clawfeet. I was fascinated with the different styles and sizes. There's much more variation than I would have imagined.