Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ditches Dug

Lee the Equipment Guy came yesterday and dug all the utility ditches with the backhoe. There are two ditches, one from the NW corner of the property for the water, phone, cable and propane (all up by the shop) and one from the SW corner for the electric (down by the septic mound). The one up by the shop is where the leaky water pipe was found, so it is a muddy mess for the first 50' or so, as you can see: That little black box peeking out from behind the telephone upright is the new water shut-off and meter box.

Speaking of the water pipe, here's the new 'T' conection where the house line will attach.
The other ditch for the electricity was much drier, as you can see:
Those "wet" looking places are actually just spots where the hard-pan blue clay was scraped smooth by the hoe. Really, it's dry. I swear.

Here's another exciting thing- Steven got started putting the trim up on the windows. I decided we didn't need an exterior sill, so it's just a really simple frame, with a little overshot on the top peice to dress it up a tiny bit. I think they look great. :)
Inside, Frank's hard at work putting the electrical wiring in place, although things slowed down a little because Andy's wife delivered a baby boy (I think it was on Friady), and he's quite understandably taking a few days off work. Congratulations! :)

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