Monday, August 21, 2006

Upstairs Concrete Poured

As promised, the upstairs concrete was poured on Friday and cured over the weekend. It looks great. Thanks to Robin, I even have a picture of the pour in progress:

The bedrooms, looking North (compare to same view in previous post with only the tubes laid):

Aaaand looking back the other way, everything so nice and smooth:
The radiant manifold in all it's concrete-entombed glory:
Next steps are electrical wiring rough-in, gas piping, and then insulation and sheet rock (woo!). I'm scheduled to meet the electrical contractor Wednesday morning to go over locations for light fixtures, outlets, switches, phone jacks, cable connections, and all that good stuff. This week also may see the exterior siding, which will be followed by trim and even doors, not to mention installing the three bedroom dormer windows. I'll keep you posted...

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