Friday, August 25, 2006

Stove Pipes Installed

Check out our new roof-mounted post-combustion exaust conveyances (RMPCECs). Some people call them stove pipes. :)
Here's a shot of the stove pipes going up into the attic, check out those moves! I wrote a while ago about the issues we were running into with the changed dimensions of the wood stoves, and we though that we were going to have to expand the chase into the middle bedroom a bit to make up for the repositioned stoves. Thanks to some creativity and a lot of skill (other people's skill, not mine!) we were able to keep the chase in the same place and just do all the compensation up in the attic. Yay!

Here's the man who put it all together - Jeff from Barron Heating. He and his coworker whose name and picture both escaped me did a great job - Thanks guys! Behind him you can see the air intake which will bring fresh, outside air to the stove so that we don't asphixiate and die when we have a fire. Above the ladder you can see the stove pipes coming through the ceiling. For now they will stay like that, just tubes in space, because the stove itself won't be installed for quite a while yet.

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