Wednesday, July 27, 2011

He says cute stuff

On discovering he has leg hair:
C: Mama, I have FUR!
M: Well yes, you do. Where do you think it came from?
C: Owls put it on me while I was sleeping.
M: Really? You don't think it just grew there?
C: NO! Owls bringed it. Now I have fur just like Sanford!

Planning ahead:
C: I need pick huckleberries.
M: Ok, you can eat some huckleberries.
C: NO! I need pick huckleberries. Then we find Papa and say BOO! Then we say 'prise Papa! we bringed you huckleberries. Then Papa let me eat some o' him huckleberries.
M: Good plan.
C: Yeah. I like huckleberries.
note: his plan worked perfectly.

Horse facts:
C: Horsies make apples with their feet. They just kick their feet and KAPEW! apples go flying all around.
M: Wow, really?
C: Yeah. Also did you know horsies drink water? It true!

Suspicions of foul play:
C: Mama, there a dead fly on the windowsill.
M: Yep.
C: Who did it? WHO DID IT, mama?
M: Uh, did what?
C: I think cows did it.
M: Cows did what?

Family structure:
C: I have two sisters, they names are Moira and Kiah.
M: They're your sisters, huh?
C: Yes, they are my TWO sisters. And also I have a baby.
M: You have a baby?
C: I have mine OWN baby and she name is baby Trixie!
M: Oh? And who is baby Trixie's Mommy?
C: I am! She mine baby and I her Mommy!

Introducing Marcellus:
C: This my kitty 'cellus. He will bite you.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Poppy's 60th

We went to Plain for my dad's 60th birthday party and had lots of fun in the sun while we were there. Highlights included a backhoe ride, playing on the big swing, helping Poppy blow out his candles, and even a motorcycle ride around the garden for Conan. He LOVED it, but unfortunately it was too dark for good pictures. Here are the best shots of our weekend fun:












Monday, July 18, 2011

2nd Bee Sting

On the 4th of July, Conan got his first bee sting, right below his right eye. He got his 2nd bee sting yesterday, on his left ear. I have no idea why he keeps getting stung on the head, instead of on his feet like most kids. I guess he's just hardcore like that! This sting came from yellow jackets that made themselves a nest inside one of his toy trucks. Yikes.

His ear swelled up and turned bright pink, so for about 30 minutes he looked like he had some kind of toy clown ear on. We gave him some acetaminophen and applied a baking soda paste, made some popcorn (his request) and then cuddled and watched cartoons until he was feeling better. The swelling went down nearly as fast as it came on, and he had a matching set of regular little-boy ears again by naptime. Whew!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Super Boy, the movie!

Go Super Boy! But watch out for that dastardly Conan the Villain, he whacks people.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oregon Country Fair

We traveled this past weekend to the famous Oregon Country Fair, or as Conan likes to call it, the

Conan had a great time at the Fair. The last time we were there was in 2008 when I was pregnant, so technically this was his second fair, but who's counting? He enjoyed the parades, costumes, music, food, face-painting, as well as dancing, playing and riding around in the wagon with his "sisters" Moira and Kiah and Trixie. He went full hippie on us - flowers in his hair, a big smile, a dirty face, socks with sandals - the whole nine yards.

My beautiful boy.

It was a long long drive, but it was worth it overall for some great family entertainment. We were lucky enough to get invited (at the last minute) to work for Will & Keron so we received vendor passes into the fair in exchange for working in their booths. Not a bad deal at all!

Click through the slideshow for larger versions with captions.

There are a lot of stories to tell about all we saw and did at the fair, but you'll have to catch up with me in person to hear them - there's way too much for me to write it all out here. As fun as the fair was, it's good to be home!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Fourth of July Fun

We had a fun time at the Ericson's blowing bubbles and setting off little fireworks in the warm sunshine - Saturday was first day this year that it really felt like summer!  Then on Sunday we met up with my mom and dad at the Imagine Children's Museum in Everett, which is an amazing place for kids to play and explore.  We had a great time and totally wore Conan out - to the point where he almost fell asleep over his lunch at a nearby cafe.

Today we're taking it more slowly, enjoying a nice day at home getting caught up on yardwork and other chores.  Unfortunately, today Conan got his first bee sting while playing outside.  A kid's first bee sting is never fun, but Conan took it to the next level by getting his first sting on his face, right below his right eye. He was very brave about it and recovered after a half hour of cuddling and watching cartoons.  Poor little guy!