Wednesday, July 27, 2011

He says cute stuff

On discovering he has leg hair:
C: Mama, I have FUR!
M: Well yes, you do. Where do you think it came from?
C: Owls put it on me while I was sleeping.
M: Really? You don't think it just grew there?
C: NO! Owls bringed it. Now I have fur just like Sanford!

Planning ahead:
C: I need pick huckleberries.
M: Ok, you can eat some huckleberries.
C: NO! I need pick huckleberries. Then we find Papa and say BOO! Then we say 'prise Papa! we bringed you huckleberries. Then Papa let me eat some o' him huckleberries.
M: Good plan.
C: Yeah. I like huckleberries.
note: his plan worked perfectly.

Horse facts:
C: Horsies make apples with their feet. They just kick their feet and KAPEW! apples go flying all around.
M: Wow, really?
C: Yeah. Also did you know horsies drink water? It true!

Suspicions of foul play:
C: Mama, there a dead fly on the windowsill.
M: Yep.
C: Who did it? WHO DID IT, mama?
M: Uh, did what?
C: I think cows did it.
M: Cows did what?

Family structure:
C: I have two sisters, they names are Moira and Kiah.
M: They're your sisters, huh?
C: Yes, they are my TWO sisters. And also I have a baby.
M: You have a baby?
C: I have mine OWN baby and she name is baby Trixie!
M: Oh? And who is baby Trixie's Mommy?
C: I am! She mine baby and I her Mommy!

Introducing Marcellus:
C: This my kitty 'cellus. He will bite you.


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