Thursday, August 17, 2006

Totally Tubular

As promised, the tubes are laid in all the upstairs rooms. As I mentioned previously, we'll be pouring(on Friday) a 1 1/2" layer of lightweight gypsum concrete over the tubes and that will bring the floor up to its nearly finished level.
For the finished floors, there'll be carpet up the stairs, in the hallway and in each of the three bedrooms. The Laundry room and Bathroom will have marmoleum (a non-vinyl, more-or-less natural linoleum) floors. The manifold is located in the closet of the middle bedroom. (Appologies again to our future kid who gets stuck with that room!)
The tubes used for the radiant heat are hePEX which is supposed to be the good stuff - made specifically for radiant installation. It has an oxygen barrier in it, which is important because it means that the boiler won't rust out, as happened to my co-worker Steve. I don't understand the chemistry behind it, but I DO understant that while the hePEX costs a bit more on the installation than tubing that isn't oxygen-blocking, it isn't as much as repairing the whole system in a few years!

You can also see in this shot that the tubing loops into the closets, just enough to keep the chill out. It does not, however, run under the washer, dryer and cabinets to be built into the laundry room. It's really nice how this system puts the heat where it will be most needed.

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Chuck said...

You are going to have some toasty floors! Just in time for winter.