Thursday, August 03, 2006

Plumbing Update

I just got the quote on the plumbing fixtures that I picked the other night, and we're under budget! We've still got to decide between two different kitchen faucets (spout pullout sprayer vs. competely separate sprayer) and four different kitchen sinks (good sized, big, huge and gigantic), but even if we go with the two most expensive of each we'll come out $100 under. If we go with the two cheapest of each we'll come out about $270 under. So either way it's going to work out fine, in spite of the expensive clawfoot tub fixtures. Woo!

Further update: We've made our Kitchen sink & faucet choices. The lucky winners are pictured below:

Click on the pictures for links to the manufacturer's websites


Mom said...

I like them. Is the sink stainless steel and is it colored?

addie said...

Nope, the sink is made from a material called Silgranit which is made out of granite dust held together with some kind of plastic/resin material. It's supposed to last forever and it doesn't scrath or chip or stain. We're getting the black color that's shown in the picture, it's got some grey and white speckles in it that look something like natural rock.

addie said...

Here's what the manufacturer says about it on their website:

SILGRANIT® is manufactured of 80% rock hard granite. Features of SILGRANIT include heat resistancy up to 536° F, stain, scratch & chip resistancy, impervious to acids & alkalis, easy to clean & maintain, colored all the way through and guaranteed with our no-hassle limited lifetime warranty.