Monday, December 04, 2006

December Already

Can you beleive it? Not quite 6 months ago (ground was broken for the driveway June 15th), the house site was just a field:
Today we have windows to look out of, walls to keep the cold out, floors, lights, a roof, trim, and even countertops! It really is amazing what a bunch of people (especially a bunch of pros) can do. I'm thinking of this today, because I just sent the move-out notice for the apartment to the landlord. I've never been this excited about giving notice before...
Friday and Saturday were busy days at the house, the painters finished up all the upstairs trim, and removed the masking leaving the coast clear for the carpet to be installed today or tomorrow. Here's a picture of the doorway trim, it changes from the bedroom trim color (off-white) to the rest-of-the-house trim color (orangy-tan) in the middle.
Here's a shot of the baseboard trim on the stairway, so you can see what the trim looks like against the wall color. Pretty nice, eh?
Down in the kitchen, Al Hale the Laminate guy was working on putting the kitchen countertops down. I'll get some shots of the finished countertops tonight & post them tomorrow.
As you can see, Steve finished laying the cork flooring in the kitchen, and even put the corner trim pieces on the cabinets to cover the end grain. I think all we need is the rest of the drawer pulls and the kick plates, and the cabinets will be done.
Well, except for a thorough dusting. :)


Mom said...

It's a miracle. We lived in our house as we built it, (you remember :) I know) and after 10 years we still were'nt done. If I ever build again .... I think you have the best general contractor team there is.

addie said...

Oh yeah, I remember. That experience really informed my decision to borrow the money to hire the pros to build the house all at once! :)