Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Carpet! Well, not exactly...

But we have tack strips & rolls of underlayment!
While not as exciting as actual carpet, I'm trying to keep a positive attitude by viewing them as indicators of imminent carpeting. In fact, Jim the flooring guy was there last night when I got out to the house arranging & gluing the tack strips along the base of all the walls upstairs.
He said the carpet would be delivered today, but he didn't think he'd get back to actually lay it in until Thursday. Oh well. I can be patient, if I have to.

Downstairs, the cork floring was finished and several more of the doors were hung. That means that Steve can now finish the trim, not just around the doors but also the baseboards too. My understanding is that once the trim is painted in the bathroom the plumbers will come (nobody wants to try and paint the trim once the bathtub & toilet are sitting in front of it). THat will be a huge milestone, not only in the livability of the house but also because we can then get rid of the port-o-potty!

Near the stack of doors I found a bucket of the oil-rubbed bronze hinges. Aren't they pretty? It's a shame that they will hardly ever really be noticed or looked at.

No slate was laid, but the entryway was cleared out and swept so maybe today. Or maybe something completely different will get done. Either way, it's all good. :)


Mom said...

Where are those two doors that you show in the picture? Are they downstairs? They really look pretty.

addie said...

They're in the office. The one on the right is the main door, and the one on the left is the closet.