Friday, December 15, 2006

Tile Backsplashes

Yesterday Robin glued the tile backsplashes in place in both bathrooms. Here's the upstairs bathroom, with the Mexican sink. I really think it looks amazing. So bright and cheerful! I look forward to staggering groggily into the bathroom to brush my teeth some monday morning and being greeted by this happy little space. It may not make waking up easy, but it can't hurt, either.
Downstairs, the almost-clear glass 1" tiles were glued in place, but she didn't have time to finish putting up the skinny black edge tiles. This bathroom is going to be so classy, with the clawfoot tub, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and everything except the walls black or white.
Here's a close up of the one section of black edging tile that was in place last night. Of course, it will look somewhat different once the grout is done. Right now you can still kind of see the webbed backing that the individual tiles are attached to, but it's still just beautiful.
Today, the plumbers are there putting all the sinks & toilets & faucets and things in place and hooking them up. In fact, Steve just called to find out if Cary and I are right or left handed. I was a bit confused until he told me it was so they would know which side of the kitchen faucet to put the lever on. I can't wait to get out there and see it all...

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Chris and Mandy said...

I really like the coloured tiles you've used in the first bathroom. Very nice!