Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Slate, Beautiful Slate

As I had hoped, Steve layed the slate for the entryway floor yesterday, and it is every bit as lovely as I had hoped. As you can see below, there are a couple peices left to put in place - about 3 tiles worth - right at the border where it meets up with the cork flooring. I'm sure that those last peices will be done today.
I couldn't walk on the floor to really look around the corner at the mudroom, but I held the camera up and this is what it saw:
This "China Multi" slate (so called because it is multi-colored and comes from China - how DO they come up with these crazy names?!?) is just gorgeous stuff. And Steve did a great job of randomizing the colors and textures on the tiles, as well as working with the different thicknesses. I can't wait to walk on it!
Coming up next, aparently, is the tile backsplash in the upstairs bathroom. Robin's idea - which I think is going to work beautifully - was to get these hand-made (thus slightly irregular in shape & color) tiles in each of the most prominent colors of the mexican sink. So I was excited to find the Red, Yellow-orange, Green, Blue and White 4" tiles, layed out and presumably ready to install around the top of the vanity counter. The colors of the tiles really do match well with the colors on the sink. With the navy blue countertop I think the whole assembly is going to really look great.
Robin called today, to let me know that the window washers would be coming soon to do the windows, and that she'd vaccummed the sawdust out of the kitchen cabinets. I was totally stunned, I never even considered that they'd clean the windows - let alone the rest of the house - for me! What a bonus... not only do we get to move into a brand new, perfect house, I don't even have to clean it first! :)


knitbot said...

I'm loving the slate. The multi tiles were a good idea, too. I think those Schramers (sp?) are treating you right.

Remy's Renos said...

Looks great. What a good idea to have the tiles cut to trip out the room. Should have thought of that when I did my kitchen..


Remy's Renos said...

Apparently I can't type.. I meant trim out the room..

addie said...

Yeah, the tile "trim" looks nice, doesn't it? Steve explained to me that he did that because since the room wasn't just the right size to take full tiles all the way across, he put cut tiles on both sides to "split the difference" visually. That way it doesn't look like one wall is in the wrong place, as it would with all the cuts on one end.