Friday, December 15, 2006

The French Connection

Yesterday my brother Jon and his wife Nadege visited the house for the first time. It was a momentus occasion, because they actually live in Nice, France - hence they don't just "drop by" very often. They are here in the states for just 10 days, staying with my parents mostly. Yesterday the two of them, my Dad, and Samantha (the dog) drove over Steven's pass - during a huge storm with up to 3 feet of new snow expected - to take the house tour. It was really great to see them.

Jon is a finish carpenter (he works on fancy yachts, mostly) as well as my little brother, so he managed to find several things he would have done differently about the house. And he pointed them all out, too. :) Here he is examining the kitchen cabinets, which mostly met with his approval. Overall he really liked the house, and I'm mature enough now (really!) not to get upset at his nit-picking because I realize it's really his way of expressing his love. (Awwww.)
Nadege is such a sweetie. I really enjoy our all-to-infrequent visits. Here's an interesting insight she shared with me: this style of kitchen, open to the main living area, and with a bar and island, is refered to in France as a cuisine american (I probably did NOT spell that right, but you get the idea) which means, essentially, "american kitchen". I suppose it isn't that earth-shattering of a revelation, I just didn't realize the rest of the world recognized this as a STYLE. It's just a normal, open kitchen to me.
In front of her on the countertop, incidentally, you can see some of the slate tiles layed out in preparation for installing the kitchen backsplash.

It was also great to see Dad and Sammy. Dad brought me a christmas tree, which was really sweet of him. We'll put it up on christmas day with the family. Call me crazy, but we're going to host a christmas day family gathering at the new house. And then we'll start moving in on the 26th. What?
Sammy enjoyed her visit too. You can't tell so much from the picture, but that's one OOOOLLLDDD and arthritic doggy. She was nearly frisky with excitement from getting to come to a new house, wagging her tail and posing for pictures.

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