Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Clean Slate

Well, the slate's not really clean. But organized, very highly organized. Mark and/or Steve have sorted all the multi-colored slate tiles (for the entry way) into piles by color and by gage (aka thickness) in preparation for laying them. Not only will they be arranged in an asthetically pleasing pattern, but the gages will be matched to avoid noticeable edges between the tiles which could be a trip hazard.
If you click on the picture it will get bigger and easier to read. Below is the extra special category of "Cool Patterns". And yes, they are.

Mark is going to be laying the slate himself, and I am sure that he's going to do an immaculate job. Steve is continuing with the cork flooring installation, I think he will probably finish it today. The kitchen and the living room are already done, so the only area left is the office. It's just turning out beautifully. It feels really good to walk on - it has just the right amount of "give" - and it's really quiet compared to hardwood.

As promised, here are pictures of the finished laminate on the kitchen counters. It's a dark grey base with olive, orangey-pink, and dark grey speckles arranged in overlapping mottled clumps. In this image, the pink seems to really stand out (maybe from the flash?), but the color changes are actually very subtle.

This image of the bar gives a little better idea of how the laminate looks. The overall effect is dark without being cold. It has enough visual texture not to be boring but it's not too strident. It doesn't jump out and make you look at it, or distract the eye from the beautiful wood of the cabinets.
Upstairs, all the scraps and whatnot have been cleared away, the floor has been swept clean, and everything generally looks ready for the carpet installation. Fingers crossed for when I get out there tonight!


Anonymous said...

I love your house. Looks like it has been quite the adventure thus far.
I had to comment b/c I did the exact same thing with my slate when I installed it in my kitchen. Had it graded by colour and quality. AAA being the best. lol
Good luck with the install, it was the hardest part of my kitchen reno but I love it.


addie said...

Thanks for the compliments! I am really looking forward to seeing the slate in place, I am sure I am going to love it too.