Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kitchen Backsplash & Faucet

Here is our marvelous new kitchen faucet. It is the opposite of the kitchen faucet we have in the apartment in every way. Since the kitchen faucet in the apartment is The Worst Faucet In The World, logically this faucet must therefore be the best. If it isn't perfect, well, it's pretty dang close.
Behind the faucet there you can see a little bit of the slate tile backsplash. Below here is a shot of the corner to the right of the sink, where the backsplash steps down in line with the front of the upper cabinet. This is still a work in progress, hence the bucket, masking tape & tools, but it's really looking nice. Robin has done all this tile work herself. I don't think this is usually one of her jobs, but she and Mark & Steve are all really kicking ass in order to get us in before Christmas, as promised. I really appreciate all their efforts.
Here's a shot of the tile where it wraps around the edge of the bar. I really like how that one rectangular tile looks, it is just the right touch to continue the line of the bar countertop into the backsplash.
Natural slate is just so pretty!


Remy's Renos said...

I love the look of the backsplash, goes great with the cabinets. All of your tile and fixture choices are great, I am jealous. :)


addie said...