Thursday, December 14, 2006

More About Appliances

The rest of the appliances moved into (well, close to) their final positions yesterday. Here's the stove, ready to slide into place in the island: I think I mentioned before that it's a Jennair Downdraft gas range. Product Specs here. We had it converted to run on propane. You can see our wonderful new fridge there in the background, behind the stove. My ravings about how much I like it can be reveiwed in this post from last week, if you are interested in that kind of thing. Or, for you just-the-facts types, here's a link to the specs.

Here's the dishwasher. It's a pretty standard model, middle-of-the-road efficiency and expense. Product Specs here.

Here's the washer & the dryer, upstairs in the laundry room. I'm really looking forward to using that front load washer and gas (propane) dryer. Both are highly energy efficient - the tag on the washer says it will only cost $12/year to run! Specs on the washer are here and specs for the dryer are here.
Damn, but this is Fun!


Vinicio said...

building your house by yourself? that's insane

knitbot said...

I guess the last guy didn't notice the 'Cast of Characters' column on the home page. I never thought I'd covet appliances. But I do.

addie said...

I never thought I'd get all misty-eyed looking at a refridgerator either.

I guess it must be one of those "getting-older" things I keep hearing about. :)