Thursday, December 07, 2006


Sorry about the shouting, but I'm pretty excited about the fact that all the major appliances have been delivered. The fridge is just magnificent. Here it is, just a few feet from its future home in the kitchen:
And here's the inside - so large & spacious! And those shelves are so sturdy. It was shocking, after years of rental fridges, to see a brand new one. There's no stains, no funny odors, no broken or flimsy shelves...
The freezer is on the bottom in a pull-out drawer. I've never had a fridge of this type before, but I'm very excited about it. Amana (the brand) is supposed to be very energy efficient. If nothing else, the design is obviously more efficient -keep the cold on the bottom (heat rises,cold falls). The drawer should make it much easier to find that last package of frozen peas. Plus, I'll never again drop a frozen roast on my foot.*
The rest of the appliances are still in their boxes, stacked up on the sunporch. I'm especially excited to see the stove, it's a pretty fancy one - for me at least. It's a Jennair gas (converted to run on propane) 4 burner range with a downdraft vent.
All this fun with the appliances is tempered by one disappointment: The carpet is not going to be installed this week after all. Robin thought she had our carpet but actually it was the almost-exact-same carpet for another house. Whoops! So our carpet is not here yet and probably won't be until the 20th. It's not that big of a disappointment for me (I have a new fridge! I have a new fridge!) but I guess the painters really busted ass to get the trim painted over last weekend so it'd be ready for the carpet to go down. D'oh!

Speaking of painting, yesterday it was warm and dry so they were able to primer the rest of the exterior trim. Most of the trim was pre-primered but the facia boards were un-primered cedar so it is great that they were able to get that covered. I wasn't able to see it because it gets dark at about 3:30 these days, but I'm sure it looks really nice.

Inside, Steve completely trimmed out the office and hung some more doors, including the pocket door to the pantry. It's really cool, slides very easily on its runners. Pocket doors are just awesome. I wish we'd been able to use more of them, but we just didn't have that kind of wall space. Kind of ironic, I guess, to have a house too small to use the most space-efficient type of door. :)

*Or if I do, it won't be the freezer's fault, just my own clumsiness.


knitbot said...

The black appliances look really nice. I'll see you this weekend. I want to try to get out to the house if you're not too tied up with PAHM.

Anonymous said...

Nice appliances, you will love the bottom freezer, its way handier than the top one.