Thursday, October 05, 2006

Soffits & Trim

The second floor windows and corners were trimmed out yesterday, and the tarpapering was finished in preparation for the actual siding. Here's a picture of the dormer windows all trimmed out:
You can't really see it in the picture above, but the soffits were also closed up yesterday, with ventilated hardyboard. Here's a close up of what they look like now:
I expect a lot of siding will go up today, since it looked (to my admittedly totally untrained eyes) like they had all the prep work done. I realize it's been a while since I put up a picture of the whole house, but it's because the exterior appearance hadn't really changed for a while. The sidning will change that - you can expect a couple whole-house portraits here sometime in the next few days.

The bathtub finish wasn't as good as I had hoped on the first coat, we had some drips and runs and some "texturing" around the edges where the plastic we tented over the tub on sawhorses (to keep dust from getting on it while it dried) touched it. Drat. I sanded out what I could and put on the second coat last night. Now I'll let it cure for 5 days as instructed, and then we'll evaluate the finish. I think it's likely that we'll need to sand a little more and then go for a third coat to really get the nice smooth and even finish that I want. {sigh} But we're making progress, even if we aren't quite done with it yet.

Mudding and Taping continues, although it looks like it's pretty close to done. Again, I'm not necessarily a good judge of these things, but it just doesn't look like there's that much left to do. They'll probably leave it to dry over the weekend and hopefully the sanding can start early next week... bringing us ever closer to painting. :)

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