Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Curved Window Trim

The siding started going up on the front of the house yesterday! Not that it hasn't been exciting to see the west wall finished, and the work they've done on the south wall as well, but this is the front! Of course, it's not done yet but I have high hopes for what I'll see when I get home from work today.
In order to side the front wall they had to trim around the curved half-circle window. I have to admit I've been wondering how they would do that. I just kept forgetting to ask Mark about it. I knew it could be done - it seems like every other new house I see has this sort of window on it somewhere - but I just didn't know how it would be done. Would they painstakingly warp a trim board with clamps and pegs, the way my mom's grape arbor was made? Would it be a pre-fab peice of synthetic trim that was factory shaped to the exact curvature of the window? Well, yesterday I climbed out on the porch roof and got the answer: they cut a bunch of small curved segments out of the regular trim board, and set them together to follow the arc of the window. I love it when the solution turns out to be so beautifully simple.
You can see that the grain of the trim stays horizontal all the way around the window. When you're right up close to it, you can see that the arc has a few little wobbles in it, but from a few feet away (not to mention from the ground) it looks perfect. All the joints - both between the trim peices themselves and between the trim and the window - are all sealed up with caulk. Once it's all painted over I'm sure it'll be impossible to tell that the trim is made up of several segments.

Inside, the sanding of the drywall looked to be nearly complete. Almost all the boxes of mudding compound and most of the tools have been taken away, so they can't have that much more to do! Someone (Mark?) had gone through and circled a few spots with a pencil, like a teacher circling misspelled words in an essay. Presumably these are places where a little more mud or sanding is needed. I suspect they'll take care of those spots today, and then we'll just have to clean up and then mask everything off in preparation for PAINT!

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