Thursday, October 12, 2006

More Siding Goodness

The south and wast sides of the house are both finished now! They didn't add any more siding to the front yet, because they will need to move the scaffolding first. But maybe today. I don't know why exactly but I'm all fired up to see the front of the house with all the siding on. It's especially wierd when you consider how imprssive the view from the SW corner is:
The east side was started yesterday as well. I suspect that cutting all the shortie pieces for all the dormer faces will be slow and tedious. Sorry guys!
Notice anything funny about the windows in the above picture? Maybe a little darker and more opaque than usual? It's masking! That's right, they started masking off the interior of the windows with plastic in preparation for painting. Here's a shot from the top of the stairs, showing the masking as well as the results of the last couple weeks of mudding and taping and sanding.

There's also butcher paper stuffed up into the recessed can fixtures, and taped over the stovepipes and doorframes and things. Not everything was masked off yesterday, but they made a good start. I'm not sure if the painting will actually start tomorrow, but it's nice to see things moving to the next step. I've been trying hard to stay excited about the drywall mudding & taping process, but frankly it's gotten kind of boring. I guess I've gotten pretty spoiled by how fast everything else has happened. :)

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