Friday, October 20, 2006


Yesterday the texturing went on the walls. However, after several attempts to photograph it I had to just give up and admit that little white bumps on a white background just don't really make for exciting images. Plus they're hard to get in focus. The 2nd coat of primer was scheduled to go on this morning, and if the painter's schedule allows they were going to try and come back in the late afternoon and put on the color! That would sure be exciting. If it doesn't work out though, they'll do it on Monday.

Which means that by Tuesday or so the cabinets will start going into place. Frank and Andy are scheduled to come mid-week and do the electrical finish work. Cabinet installation will take a week or maybe a little more, and then the floor coverings will start going in. Actually, that may start before the cabinets are finished. Mark says this is the calm before the storm and next week things will really start to hop!

Nothing has happened on the siding front this week, presumably because it's been pouring down rain the whole time. I wouldn't want to be going up and down a ladder carying peices of hardiplank up to the roof in the rain either. But today the sun has come back out and they're supposed to be out there with a full crew to finish it all up. There'll be a bit of trim work left for Steve to take care of next week still, but mostly it should be done today, according to Mark. The exterior paint is still a little bit of a question, it's going to be a bit tricky to work that in with the rainy season starting up. Worst case scenario, we may have to leave the painting until next spring, but that's not really so bad - I could live with that, if it comes to it. Still, though, I'm holding out hope for a few dry days...

Speaking of weather, the coolest site is It's a feed from a camera on the roof of the cold storage building looking out over the marina and the bay. They've also got a little animation of the last hour's worth of pictures. Since I work in the next valley over (Skagit) the weather can be pretty different between the office and home! I check the pictures on the baycam to see what to expect before I head home at the end of the day. :)

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