Friday, October 06, 2006

Siding Siding Siding

Nearly the entire West side of the house has been sided, and the bottom half of the South side has also been done. Try and picture the siding painted this dark "evergreen" green (Sherwin-Williams Bronze Green #2846), not the putty color it is now. The trim will be white still, although it has to still be painted because that's just primer on it now. Well, it won't be exactly white, because Robin says that white would look blue, but a color that will look white. I guess you have to be a designer to really know what that means. Me, I'll just take her word on that...
Here's a view from the front of the house, you can't see the siding as well because the bright sunlight washed it out, but you still get the idea.
Pretty sky, no? The view from beneath the scaffolding caught my eye.
Siding will continue today and probably the better part of next week. Don't worry, there'll be more pictures on Monday. :)

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