Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The knobs and drawer pulls for all the cabinets are here! I really like them, they not only look good (imho) but they also have a really nice feel to them. The little knobs for the cupboard doors are nice and heavy (they must be solid) and they just fit right in my hand. The drawer pulls are lighter and thinner but don't feel cheap or chintzy. Both of course in the "oil-rubbed bronze" finish that we're using on everything metal. I like it for it's warm, not-too-shiny but not completely matte finish, it always looks good but doesn't shout "look at me!" the way chrome or brushed nickel does. Allen came over last night to let me know that there was a package waiting for me (UPS delivered the knobs to his house 'cause nobody lives at mine, yet), and of course he wanted to have a look at the progress on the house. It'd been a while since he'd visited, so there was lots to see. Also, my friend Toni came out for her first-ever visit to the house (though she's heard all about it, carpooling with me to work all summer. Toni is a very patient listener!). The three of us had a nice time taking the grand tour.


jen said...

ooh, pretty! I love the bin pulls. where did you get them from?

addie said...

I got them through the local custom cabinet dealer, Cabinets by Cline. I'm not sure who the manufacturer is off the top of my head (it's probably on the packing slip), but I noticed the other day that Van Dykes Restorers also caries them in their catalogue. Or at least ones that are really, really similar, as far as I can tell from the picture.