Friday, October 27, 2006

Going beyond the recessed can...

Yesterday Frank and Andy started putting up some of the "fancy" light fixtures. You know, the ones that aren't recessed cans? There are still a couple of cans to put in, such as the ones in the stairwell. We didn't get a lot of surface-mount fixtures, as they are quite a bit more expensive than the cans (which DO do the job just fine, albeit without much flair). The surface mount fixtures really add a nice touch though. This one, for instance, is located on either side of the sliding glass door in the sunroom. Rotated the other way around (so the shade points down) it will also serve as a wall sconce on the stairway. I love the little swoopy thing.
Here's its relative, the triple fixture, which is appearing above both bathroom vanities. You can't really see the finish very distinctly in either of these images, but they are (of course) oil-rubbed bronze.

Speaking of bathroom vanities, here's the one for the downstairs bathroom, which was installed yesterday. The upstairs one will look similar, although the dimensions are slightly different.
In the bedrooms, the window-seat cabinets were put in yesterday as well.
I'm really looking forward to someday spending rainy sunday afternoons curled up with a good book in one of these window nooks. Well, after we put down a nice thick cushion, that is.

I expect Frank and Andy finished up the rest of the fixtures today, with such fun stuff as the pendant lights that will hang over the bar, and the front porch light, and other good things. You'll just have to check back on Monday to see pictures of those. :)


MOM said...

I love your lights and the warmth of the wall color. I want to curl up on your window seat too.

knitbot said...

I know you might think the can lights don't have much flair, but I actually think they're a really good idea. Lighting is the frst thing that dates a house, followed by paint and textural choice, furniture, flooring, etc. I think you made smart choices that are timeless and will keep you're house from looking like it's trying too hard to be built in another era. If your house is 100 years old, great, put in period lighting. If it's derivative of classic style, with modern amenities, you're better off with something less froofy and a few accents. I love it.

addie said...

Yeah, I agree - for generally lighting the place up can lights really make sense.

I'm with you on trying to avoid an overly contrived period-ish look. I want my house to be sort of timeless. My big hope is that within a couple of years (you know, once the lawn grows back) it will be impossible to tell if the house is 3, 5 or 10 years old.