Monday, October 23, 2006

Now Featuring Color!

That's right, the painter came out on Saturday and painted the entire interior of the house! I was pretty impressed, considering that a) he wasn't scheduled to come until Monday; and b) when he showed up Saturday morning the power was out. D'oh! Mark called at about 11:00 and told me about it, so I called a neighbor to find out if everyone's power was out or if it was just something wrong at our place. She confirmed that the power had been out for about 20 homes in our area since 6 am, but that the power company said it'd be back on by noon or one. Since Cary and I had been planning to head out there anyway to put the finishing touches on the clawfoot tub (more on that in a minute) I told Mark we'd let him know when/if the power came back up. So, the power came back on about 1:15, I called Mark, he called the painter, and about 45 minutes later he was on the job. Cary and I didn't even get a chance to meet or talk to him, he was inside spraying paint so fast! We had to leave before he finished (Grandma Joy was serving apple pie at 2:30 - couldn't miss that) but we came back on Sunday to have a look. All the windows are still masked off with plastic so the lighting is a little wierd/dark, but here are the first shots of our house in COLOR:

This is the color that most of the house is painted, seen here in the sunroom.

Here's Cary in the front bedroom. All the bedrooms are done in this light grey-green color, which is very calming and restful. Behind him you can see the warm yellow of the stairwell through the open door.

Here are the actual empty cans left by the painter, which is about the only place you can really see both colors side-by-side. I think this picture also gives the truest sense of the colors. Like I mentioned above, with the windows still masked off (and painted over) the light inside is dim and tinted.

Now that the paint is done, they'll strip off all the masking and then start placing the cabinets. I can hardly wait!

Oh, and about the bathtub: we put a 3rd and 4th coat of the porcelain/enamel on the inside over the weekend. We're finally starting to get a good smooth finish that covers all the dings, runs, and dark spots. There is enough left in the spray can to do one last coat tonight, and then I think we'll be done! Also, I did the feet with a metalic dark bronze paint, which I think looks really nice and which I hope will match the oil-rubbed-bronze finish on the faucet and drain hardware. I'll get some more pictures up on the site here once the 5th (and Final - Yay!) coat is dry...

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Anonymous said...

I love the warm tan color you have in some rooms. Do you know what color/brand it is?


Your house looks great!