Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pocket Doors Framed

Both the pantry and the front entryway have pocket doors, and both were framed in yesterday. This is one of the last peices needed to really see the definition of the rooms as separate spaces, so it's fun to have it done. Here's the Pantry:
Also, the sheetrock was "stocked" in the house, meaning there are big stacks of it leaning up against the walls in just about every room. You can see it in both of these pictures. I'm not sure exactly when the hanging crew is going to start, but it shouldn't be too long from now. Talk about defining the rooms as separate spaces...

I had to make one design change to keep us in line with the budget - we had originally wanted to have rounded "soft-line" corners for all the walls, but yesterday we decided to go back to regular 90º corners. It will only save a couple hundred dollars on the sheetrock instalation, but will also make the trim placement and painting much easier. We were looking at the soft-line corners as a way of making it hurt less to run into them, mostly, but of course any corner will hurt if you bang your shin into it hard enough. Robin also says that the 90º corners are more durable, and if they do get damaged are much easier to repair, so that makes more sense for the long run.


Anonymous said...

Hola Addie, Acabo de conocer la casa de tus sueños, realmente es hermosa y creo que el lugar también es increible. TE FELICITO!!
Que la disfrutes!!
Noelia Santiano (Argentina)

addie said...

Hola Noelia! Aun dia tengas que visitarnos y conocer mejor la casa y el lugar. Es aun mejor en persona que en los fotos. :)
Muchas gracias para las palabras amables...