Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Update

So, over the weekend I completed all the steel-wool scouring and TSP scrubbing of the bathtub. I also touched up the chips with a brush-on epoxy chip-fixing compound. It has to cure for 5 days and then may require a little bit of touch up and/or sanding, so the final coating with replacement enamel will have to wait until next weekend. It's looking a lot better than it was though.

Also, Cary and Bo shoveled some left-over 2" drainrock into a sort of pathway leading from the driveway to the front porch.
The idea is to elimate or at least reduce the amount of mud tracked into the house by filling in one of the major mud pits with rocks. I know drainrock's not really the "right" stuff to make a path, but it was sitting right there and it'll work for while until we get around to a more permanent solution. Although it's nice and dry and sunny right now, we've already had a taste of the fall rains and it was obvious that something needed to be done before the mud got out of hand. The mud out there is uber-sticky. You get taller every step you take, because another half-inch of clay cakes onto the bottom of your shoe every time it hits the ground. It's next to impossible to scrape or wash it off too. So, a big thankyou to Cary and Bo for making things better!

Updates to the blog are unlikely the next couple of days, as I'll be traveling around a bit for work. Cary's going hold down the fort and take pictures of any progress while I'm gone, so I'll post up the picutres on Thursday when everything's back to normal.

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