Monday, September 18, 2006

Shhh... Insulation

Insulation all went in on Thursday and Friday. It really changes the feel of the house, it's very, very, veeeerrrrry quiet inside the house now. The blown in stuff is really interesting. First they staple up this fabric mesh stuff, kind of like interfacing, over all the wall spaces. Then they poke small holes in the fabric and stick the blower thing (I imagine it looking like a vaccum cleaner attachment) through the hole and blow in the insulation. The insulation itself looks like a cross between dryer lint and those little styrofoam pellets that are used to stuff "bean" bags. It packs into the wall cavities and thoroughly fills in around the pipes, wires or other stuff that runs through the walls.
In a few areas they used the regular batt style insulation, for instance in the smaller spaces like above the window framing. The attic will be done with the blown in stuff after the sheetrock is up on the ceilings of the second floor. The sheetrock will be the floor for the insulation.
The inspector is coming out today to sign off on the insulation, and then we'll be 100% ready for drywall. There may be a little delay before we get to the top of the job list for those crews (hanging, taping, & sanding) though.

In the meantime, I will be starting the renovation of the inside of the bathtub. This weekend Cary and I painted the final exterior coat: black. I know, I liked the red too, but it really didn't work with all the other colors in the interior design, and also the color it dried to didn't look nearly as nice as when it was wet. Black looks pretty classy, as you can see. I'm thinking the feet will be white, but that's not a sure thing yet.

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