Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Everything's Underground

The utility ditches are closed! Lee the excavator guy filled in the trenches, coved the septic tank, and smoothed out everything, including the pile of dirt that came out of the foundation hole. Now it's all smooth and level, and ready for the fall rains and some seed. Well, actually we'll probably have to do a bit more work before we get to the seed... but it's a lot closer now than it was before.
Needless to say, before the utility ditch was filled in the water line was laid in it, and connected up at both ends. That's right, we've got water in the house! The loop of blue hose in the picture below connects what will be the washing machine supply to one of the drain pipes. I turned the valve on (just for a minute, to see what would happen), and sure enough there was water running through it! Weeee!

The propane, cable and phone aren't actually connected up yet, but it'll just take a technician a few minutes to do. No hurry for that anyway. In other progress, Steve started putting the shingles up on the front wall, around the door. I'll get some more pictures of that in the next day or so. It's starting to get dark a lot earlier these days, and last night it was dark enough by the time I got over the closing of the ditch that my picture of the shingles didn't come out. :)


Paul said...

When you get running water, it is starting to feel like a house. I remember when we were laying out the plumbing and such, it just seemed like it was never going to end. But then, one day a few months later, we moved in. Enjoy the process, I have enjoyed reading about it!

addie said...


It seems like moving in is still years away in the misty future, but I know it will actually come pretty fast. It'll require a real paradigm shift to go from building it to living in it. I'm definitely enjoying the process, and I know I'll enjoy the living too, once we get there.