Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just Shinglin' Along

Steve's got quite a lot of the front porch wall shingled now, and I'm totally loving it. I can't wait until next spring, when I'm sitting on the porch in the evening drizzle, snug and dry (and well lit!) under the big porch roof. I'm thinking there'll be room to string a hammock between the posts...
Here's another view of the shingles, from the front. It's going to look so great, especially once the soffits are done and the posts are sheathed and it's all finished.
Unfortunately, yesterday Steve dropped something and cracked the upper pane of the right hand window. It's not a huge crack, you can't even see it in the picture above, but it will have to be replaced. I'm sure that windows get cracked or broken during construction all the time, but regardless, Steve felt pretty awful about it. Mark called me in the afternoon to tell me, so I wouldn't think it was vandalism or anything like that. He's going to take care of replacing it. I'm not sure if that means the whole window of if they can just replace the one pane that's cracked, but either way I have no doubts he'll make it right.

Next step for the interior is insulation, we're going with a blown-in fiberglass insulation with a R value of 23. It will cost a little bit more than the usual fiberglass bats which are only R21. Which doesn't seem like too big of a difference - it's only 2! - but it's actually about 10% better. Which I think will be worth it in the long run.

Tonight I'm meeting Robin to go over and finalize some of the interior materials and colors. That should be a lot of fun - and rest assured you'll read all about it here tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

looks great!!
I'm doing the same thing on my place but it's a retrofit. I uncovered 80 year old shingles under some awful siding.
I like how you did the corners with the trim. I've been butting mine together and it's taking forever!!!
Good luck with it.