Friday, September 22, 2006


Ah, the weekend. It's so close now I can taste it. I'm looking forward to working some more on refurbishing the interior of the clawfoot tub, as well as Solly & Iris' wedding. Actually, I might be a teensy bit more excited about the wedding. :)

I have aquired everything needed (I think) for the tub project. I've got the chip-fixing compound, the TSP and the steel wool for prepping the surface, the plastic and masking tape to mask off the outside, and the two-part epoxy spray-on enamel restoration kit. The instructions for the enamel stuff are pretty crazy. Fist, the surface isn't considered sufficiently prepped until you've washed it with TSP and then scrubbed it with steel wool three separate times. To mix the epoxy you've got to put one can in the fridge for an hour and a half, and meanwhile submerge the other one in warm water. Then you link the two nozzles together and spray the warm stuff into the cold stuff. It has to sit for at least an hour before application. I figure it won't hurt to also do a chant while circling the bathtub 3 times hopping up and down on one foot with my eyes closed. Oh, and between coats (12 hours minimum) you have to keep it the fridge, and then put it in warm water for a half hour or so after you take it out. All joking aside, I'm sure that following the instructions to the letter will be very important to the sucessful outcome of the project, and so I intend to be very careful and go through all the steps exactly as described. Wish me luck!

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