Friday, November 17, 2006

Stay Off Of Tile.

Just say No! to Tile abuse. (Hahahahaaaa! I made a funny. So why don't I hear you laughing?)

Ok, but seriously, yesterday Mark and Steve cut & laid down all the slate in the sunroom! What a nice surprise - I only expected to see a stack of boxes and some lines drawn on the floor, but they really went all out. The gluey stuff underneath the tile takes some time to dry, and then they'll do the grout in the cracks. Steve had the room well blocked off to keep anyone from walking on the tile before it set:
There's some dust and smears and stuff on the tile, but this is more or less what it will look like. It's really beautiful, not so much black as a really dark gray with lighter speckles and veins subtly running through it.
And zooming in for the ultra-closeup, you can even see the ridges in the glue showing in the crack between the two tiles. The gage (thickness) on these tiles is really nice and uniform, which will make for a nice clean finish and smooth walking surface. There's still some variation of course, because it is a natual material, but these are a good quality tile. A lot of the slate tiles you see on the shelves at, say, Lowes, really have too much variability in the gage to make a safe walking surface.
This same "Brazilian Black" slate tile will be used for the hearth, which they are hopefully going to start on today. It will also be mixed with some of the "China Multi" multi-colored slate tiles for the backsplash along the kitchen counters. I can't wait until I can walk on it!

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