Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Joy of Sinkholes

Yesterday all the sinkholes were cut in the subcounters, and the sinks dropped into them, including the kitchen sink. I am going to LOVE this new big sink.
I should perhaps explain that one of the things about the new house that I am looking forward to is having a nice, big, deep kitchen sink. For far too long we have lived in a small apartment with a totally insufficient kitchen sink. (Actually, the whole kitchen is insufficient in every way, but the sink is the worst part.) You can't even wash a regular-sized cutting board, let alone a casserole dish in it! You can't fill a soup pot because the cheap @#$*%! faucet rises only about 3" above the level of the counter top, and the sink is only 5 1/2" deep. The faucet is only reaches about 5" from it's base too, which means forget reaching the corner of the sink, you can't even reach the center. I have come to HATE it. Soon, I will be rid of it forever, and I won't be looking back.

Here's the lovely faucet that goes with it:

It's still in the box, but get a load of how long it is... which will translate into being really TALL. It also has a pull-out sprayer nozzle thingy. Oh, the soup pots I will fill with you.

In the downstairs bathroom we have a plain white ceramic sink, to go along with the clawfoot tub.
It will have these super cool nearly-but-not-quite-clear white glass 1" tiles as part of the backsplash. I tell you, it was like christmas last night, opening boxes and peeking inside...
...finding things like the faucet for the clawfoot tub.
Upstairs in the laundry room the utility sink has also been set into it's cutout. Cary demonstrates just how large & deep (15") it really is:
In the upstairs bathroom the Mexican sink is also in its spot. It looks small compared to the downstairs sink because the vanity itself is wider. In actuality, they are close to the same volume, although they are shaped a little differently - not that it will matter one whit as far as using them goes.
The shower/bath insert upstairs has been unmasked at last. It's been in the house since the framing, but we haven't actually SEEN it for so long that it seemed kind of new again last night. Cary demonstrates how tall he really is:
Maybe someday when we have money again I'll tear out this insert and build him a deep, custom tile tub, big enough that he can really soak in it. Or maybe we'll just get a hot-tub. :)


Trissa said...

Having a big kitchen sink is awesome, but worth the wait! Very exciting. It took us a lot longer to choose our faucet than the sink, but we're pretty happy with the outcome. What kind of soup will you make first?

addie said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure. Curried pumpkin is a favorite winter soup of ours, or maybe a big pot of carrot ginger, or miso with yams & bacon, or the one I make the most often: the ol' gee-I-better-use-these-up-soon soup!