Friday, November 17, 2006


The pumps which control the radiant heat were installed yesterday, and all the thermostats were hooked up. This means the heating system is now completely, fully, 100% finished. Yay! Here's what the finished upstairs manifold looks like, with its little WIRSBO pumps all in a row:
The way it works is that each "zone" of the house has it's own loop of the radiant tubing running through it. We have 4 zones for each floor of the house, for instance upstairs each bedroom is it's own independant zone. Each loop of tubing comes back to a separate node on the manifold. Each node on the manifold has a pump on it, which is controlled by the thermostat in the individual room.
When you set the thermostat higher in a room, the pump speeds up the circulation of the water through the tubing, therby pushing more heat into the room. I just love how efficient it all is. Each pump is also conveniently labeled with the name/description of the zone it controls. Aren't those pumps just about the cutest little things? Ok, I can't beleive I just wrote that either. I better go look at some kitten pictures or something, quick!

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Anonymous said...

So on your setup, those are pumps? Our setup has valve actuaters there, with a single central pump. We're having problems with an apparent mismatch between the actuator range of motion and the range of motion required to operate the valves.