Monday, November 20, 2006

Last of the Marmoleum

And about an hour for Jim the Flooring Guy:
And Voila! The floor in the downstairs bathroom is finished. I'd post a picture of the finished floor except that my camera ran out of batteries.

Someone in the comments a while back asked for more information about Marmoleum. Pretty much all you ever wanted to know can be found here.
Basically, it's a more-or-less natural, non-vinyl, durable, water-resistant floor material that comes in a roll and is glued to the subfloor. It's pretty similar to what people used to mean when they said "linoleum", back before that came to mean vinyl. It comes in lots of pretty colors, typically with a "marbled" pattern to them. It is really nice stuff. I first became aware of it after my parent's basement flooded (busted pipe) and they redid the entire basement with marmoleum, replacing the old vinyl flooring that was ruined by the water. It really does have a completely different feel to it than the vinyl - much nicer. Even if you don't know (or care) anything about the totally evil toxicity of vinyl, you would notice the difference!


Ron said...

I never heard of marmoleum -- it sounds interesting. I think I will Google this stuff later.

Since you are answering questions...

A while back you posted about a tankless water heating system. I am considering a tankless system as well. I would be interested in hearing how this works out for you once you have moved in. Also, any info you can send my way would be appreciated.



addie said...

Sure thing Ron, I'll let you know how the Rinnai tankless water heater works out for us. We're hoping to be in the house by the end of december, and you can bet that I'll be reporting on every aspect of it. Probably in excessive detail, so consider yourself warned. :)