Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We've moved in!

Everything is in the new house now, although of course it will be quite a while yet before everything is actually unpacked and in it's place. We've unpacked the daily use stuff, and most of the furniture is more or less where it will stay, but we haven't started putting stuff up on the walls or positioning the houseplants. There are still some boxes out in the shop or stacked up in the the corners, but it feels really good to be actually LIVING in our house.

The house itself isn't completely finished yet either, of course. Quite a bit got done since my last post, such as:
  • sunroom door knob installed
  • exterior doors painted
  • paint touch up & second coats on interior walls & trim
  • caulk around the bases of the kitchen cabinets
  • transition strips between cork/tile & cork/marmoleum
  • knobs & drawer pulls installed on the island cabinet
  • windows washed (HUGE difference!)
  • closet shelving installed
  • bathroom mirrors installed
  • exterior shingling finished

    There are still a number of things though on the list that Steve is working on every day. And of course, there are a couple of problems that we've found, such as the fact that the upstairs shower (the ONLY shower) doesn't get hot water. It does get sort of luke warm, and we have hot water everywhere else in the house, so the problem is probably one of three things:

    1. A bit of sawdust or other debris is blocking the hot water supply line.
    2. The valve in the faucet is stuck or blocked (debris again).
    3. The temperature limiter (which keeps you from scalding yourself) is stuck or set too low.

    The plumber is coming this morning to take care of it, and I am really looking forward to a nice long hot shower when I get home! It's not like I haven't bathed since Christmas - we've been taking baths in the clawfoot tub, but a bath isn't the same. Plus, we didn't realize that we could turn on the supply lines for the clawfoot - the faucet isn't installed yet because it had defective threads and we had to send it back for a replacement - so we've been filling it with buckets from the kitchen sink. It's not just a bath, it's also an upper-body workout! I can't deny I felt a little sheepish when Mark showed me how to turn on those supply lines. You know how sometimes a solution seems so embarassingly obvious in retrospect? This is one of those. :)

    But all in all, I am really pleased with everything. This is the best way to start a New Year ever!

    knitbot said...

    Hooray! I hope you guys had a great New Years in the new house. I can't wait to see it with all of the details in place. One more month for us!

    addie said...

    New Years Eve was pretty mellow - I came down with a bad cold after xmas and we were both pretty worn out from moving. So we opened a bottle of mead, settled in on the couch and watched old X-files on DVD...

    actually, I guess it was perfect. :)