Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cold outside, Toasty inside

Sure, the pictures are pretty, but more than that, they show what a great job our insulation is doing. We accumulated about 6" of snow by the end of the day yesterday, with temperatures staying just above freezing until late in the evening, but not a bit of the snow melted off our roof. You'd never know from the outside that the house was maintaining a nice, comfy 68°F inside all day.

A lot of the houses in the neighborhood have bare patches or at the very least you can see where the eves overhang open air vs. attic space because the snow is thicker over the eves. Not us; no bares spots, not even around the chimneys. We don't even have any icicles!

The cats apparently are getting the hang of the cat door, because there were lots of little kitty tracks in the snow outside, and little muddy footprints on the kitchen counter inside. Not exactly the sign I was hoping for...
In the evening the temperatures dropped quite a bit (to around 20°F) and the wind really started to howl and blow the snow into drifts. We built a fire in the stove and had a nice evening re-aranging the living room furniture. (I think we're getting close to a final arangement.) After living in the apartment, we are both really aware of how nicely weather-proofed the house is (no chilly drafts!). Except for the sound of the wind blowing ice particles against the windows, inside the house the storm was hardly noticeable. And with the car in the garage overnight, getting going this morning wasn't much of a hassle either. I really cannot describe how lovely it was to just get in and go... no frozen doors, icy windows, or drifts of snow to deal with before getting on the road. The roads, incidentally, were much better than I expected. And the sun is out now, in a clear blue sky...

I love my house!

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Anonymous said...

I have to say that first photo is one of the best I have seen of the house.

It definitely looks like home now and I am very envious.