Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Phone Hook-up Update

Cary just called - the Verizon truck just pulled up! Fingers crossed that his next call will be made on our house line, not the cell phone...

Maybe ranting on the blog gets better results than I thought!

12:15 update: Well, we have a phone, but it's about the scratchiest, static-y bad connection imaginable. The guy is going to check the connections and hopefully that will clear it up.

Final update (Thursday Morning): WE HAVE A PHONE! The connection may not be the best ever (no pin dropping, please) but it's a huge improvement over the cell phone. Except that apparently telemarketers were waiting patiently to be able to call our phone again. Last night we got 2 telemarketing calls, 1 survey, 1 wrong number, and a robo-call from verizon to congratulate us on choosing their service. Sheesh.

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