Monday, January 29, 2007

People Really Like Us!

We had a great turnout for the housewarming party on Friday. It was super fun, a resoundingly sucessful party. The house is now thoroughly warmed.

Things got busy pretty fast after 7, with everyone having fun, snacking, drinking, visiting and mingling. I was giving tours of the house pretty much non-stop. I LOVE giving tours of the house.
Here's the downstairs bathroom, recently upgraded with a housewarming gift of soft & fluffy new towels, a bathtub tray and a bamboo bathmat courtesy of my coworkers. (I tried to fix the color balance in this photo - the door really isn't lemon-lime - but flash photography really screws with color.)
Thanks, CF Freshies! Maureen, Henrietta & Debbie representin'. ( Mary, Alta & Paul also came out, but I had to select just 10 shots for the blog...)
Dave came prepared with extra keg cups:
A lot of people at the party = a lot of shoes in the entryway...
We were even lucky enough to have Jill & Ted come out, one of the last times we'll see them before they move to Thailand in, oh, about 4 days. You guys will be missed! I'm a little jealous... luckily I have a new house to console me.
As always, everyone ended up in the kitchen. Luckily, the house was designed accomodate this...
Really, the house handled the crowd beautifully. It was a very comfortable space for a party. The toddler just snoozed on the couch through the whole thing. Kids are amazing, aren't they?
Besides the mingling, there was some serious BS-ing...
Yep, we had a lot of fun, and it shows. Kinda felt it the next morning too. ;)
The fun didn't stop with Friday night's party, though. We had Janet, Gabe, Nick, Tombi, & baby I-can-almost-walk-watch-me-go Moira staying with us over the weekend. Never a dull moment! Thanks to everyone who came out and shared the fun with us. I hope you all had as much fun as Cary and I did!

And today, maybe, hopefully, I pray we will get our phone hooked up. Please! I don't think I can take living with just a cell phone much longer.


Ron said...

Hey. I never realized how far north you two are. The beer must be nice and cold there!

addie said...


Anonymous said...

Great party Addie! It was a blast....and I'm glad you never found a picture of the Jeep LOL. The house is beautiful.