Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Puttin' holes in the walls

It's taken quite a while, but we've finally started hanging pictures in the house. Part of why it took us so long is that you have to live in any house a little while to figure out where you want to hang things, but another big part of it was steeling up our nerves to hammer nails into our nice, clean, pristine, puncture-free, virgin walls. I even went and bought a stud finder, although we only have a couple of peices large & heavy enough for it to really matter if we hang them from a stud or not. But with the impending housewarming party this friday, I figured we should get a move on the decorating already.

I started with the downstairs bathroom, reasoning that a small space would be less intimidating, and it was. I'm not certain I got everything in the right spot (do you center with the wall or the counter?), but it's a nice change from blank walls. We also have two pictures up in the living room, and one on the stairwell. The plan for tonight is to get a few more peices up, do a bit more cleaning, and start working on the do-ahead parts of the party food. I'm starting to get excited!

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