Monday, January 22, 2007

Influenza 2007

If you have been wondering why the blog was dark all last week (or maybe you have not been wondering, either way), it was due to my sudden and severe 5-DAY bout with the flu. Boy, was that unfun. I don't think it makes me a total slacker to state that usually, when I stay home sick from work, it's actually a little bit fun - taking a day off to lay around and watch DVDs while drinking tea and blowing my nose and taking the occasional nap. This was not like that. NO, this was the full-on ass-kicking FLU, complete with 102° fever, chills, vomiting, nausea, tremendous body ache (I thought my back would explode), head ache (ditto on the explodey), burning eyes, stuffy sinus', hacking cough, sore throat...

Antibiotics are really, really wonderful things, and I have nearly made a full recovery, just a little cough remaining today. Cary was very sweet and took good care of me, and luckily does not seem to have caught the bug. He attributes this to eating copious amounts of raw garlic (pureed in the cuisinart and spread on toast). It also keeps vampires away.

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