Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It looks like this storm means business! After yesterday's wind and just a wee trace of snow in the evening (false start?), things calmed down last night and I though we were off the hook. But after a relatively un-eventful drive into work this morning, the snow just started coming down. Here's what my exit looks like right now, courtesy of the WSDOT: It looks about the same outside my office window. The drive home today is going to be fun. Probably a good day to go home early. It would be nice to curl up in front of a fire with a cat, a cup of tea and a book... except that then I would have to feel guilty about all the boxes that still need to be unpacked. I might be able to live with that though. :)


The Green Man said...

yeah knew you folks up north were getting hit all day.

Seattle area traffic sucked stagnant pond water. first of all I think like half of seattle paniced and left work early.. so the roads were jammed beyond belief ever before the snow hit. Then the snow hit, and it all went straight to hell.. My commute is about 1/2 hour outside of rush hour.. 40-60 min in rush hour.. 90 min in abysmal rush hour with multiple accidents or something wacky..

Last night it took me 3 hours to get home. Be glad you're a Bellinghamster

addie said...

I had the bad, bad luck to be stuck on the highway (512?) going into Puyallup a couple of years ago on new year's day when it snowed... so I feel your pain. I never want to do that again! Even at the worst of times, Bham traffic is really pretty OK.