Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Six Months!

Today is the day, I'm 24 weeks or 6 months along. Only four more months to go! Yes, that's right, four: the dirty little secret of pregnancy is that it's actually 10 months (40 weeks) long. As my mom puts it, "You'll be nine months pregnant for a whole month!" Here's what six months looks like (self portrait with dusty mirror):
Not too big yet, but this belly is starting to be a noticeable encumberment. I have trouble reaching my feet to mess with my shoes or socks, rolling the passenger-side window up or down from the driver's seat is almost impossible, and I've had to readjust where my keyboard sits on my desk because I cant roll my chair up as close as I'm used to.

I'm down to only once a week on the nausea/vomiting, so that's a big improvement. My feet have started to swell up though, which is much more unpleasant than I had expected. I didn't know it would actually hurt! I'm doing what I can to keep them from getting too swollen: drinking lots of water, minimizing my salt intake, soaking with epsom salts in the evening, doing yoga and putting my feet up whenever possible. Some days I'm more sucessful than others at keeping the swelling down, when it's really hot there's just not much that can be done to stop it.

Little Conan is getting bigger and stronger all the time, he is very active and his stamina is improving by leaps and bounds. He kicks, punches, rolls and wiggles all day long, sometimes even making it hard for me to get to sleep. I enjoy feeling him move around. Sometimes it's pretty wierd and not altogether pleasant feeling, but I like knowing he's alive and healthy in there. I can't wait until after he's born, to be able to feel him wiggle with my hands instead of my insides! :)

The nursery hasn't progressed much further than getting it cleaned out and the carpet steamed, but I have aquired some really great hand-me-down baby things from Iris and Tombi. I've gotten a few new things as well, it's starting to look like a real baby wardrobe! I just love that my baby dresser is filling up with all these special little things, my little guy is going to look so cute wearing them this winter.


Aimee said...

It's so cool to read your thoughts on being pregnant. Other than the nausea and regular discomforts of growing a baby, pregnancy seems to agree with you. You glow. You are positively alive with the enigma of procreation. You're both going to be such awesome parents and I just can't wait to meet the newest member of your family.

Thank you for letting us all in on the fun. You rock!

Addie said...

Aw, Thanks! I think I'm kind of whiny, actually... although the second trimester has been a lot better than the first, and now that Conan's kicking all the time I'm more excited about the actual "I'm having a baby" part. Glad to hear it shows!